“Where do you want to be tomorrow? Where do you want to be in a week from now? A year?”

“What goals do you have?”

“What are your big dreams?”

These are all valid questions. But if we let them rule our world (as happens way too often), they make us lose sight of joy.

Joy is found in the little things that are already around us: children’s games, good food, reading a good book, just sitting quietly, baking a loaf of bread, listening to your favorite song. Joy is not found in the future but in the present.

Following dreams can bring us joy, but it does it through the process: when you immerse yourself in work that feels meaningful to you, you can feel joy. Reaching the goal rarely has the same effect.

So, today, take a minute and enjoy the life you already have. Look around you. Listen to the sounds of your home.

See if you can feel joy.