Could Facebook be the new Blog?

Craig Mod writes:

And so what about Facebook pages? A Facebook page is a blog, which is a part of a newspaper, a piece of a magazine. You can post long articles, short articles, and image galleries. You can edit posts. You can remove posts. There are authors, a chronology. No, you don’t have much control over the look and feel, but is that strictly necessary in the beginning?

This is an interesting question. Could a Facebook page (maybe with a matching Google+ profile) take the place of a blog? It certainly has all of the features.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Could Facebook be the new Blog?”

  1. Facebook and Google+ has number of nice features within them, which would make them quite nice blog platform, but downside is that you lose control on how your information is presented, you are under their rules on whether or not they approve what you send out there and you might lose access to your content if your account gets banned for some reason.

    If you host your own content (through webhotel, Amazon S3 or other service provider), it is relatively easy to relocate your content to new location (if you’ve done your homework and backups).

    Also if you have any commercial goals for your blog, Facebook and Google+ might not be good platform for product launch, membership site, etc. (while FB/G+ might work reasonable well, if you are selling yourself as wedding photographer, etc. service).

    1. Very good points. I agree that a business needs its own home for selling etc. Using Facebook/Google+ as a blog could be a way to drive traffic to the more static web site.

      Yesterday, as I was thinking of “blogging” on my magazine’s Facebook page, I ended up not doing it. The editing possibilities in a Facebook status update are still too limited for the full blown recipe post I had in mind… Google+ could be a little better in this sense.

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