24 Words You Should Think About Today

After four months away from the 9 to 5 workforce, I have lost track on a lot of what is hot on the internet today and what is not. If you asked me to name the most interesting Twitter memes or most important e-books released in the past months, I would have to admit I have no clue. Most of my thoughts revolve around things that are not digital or buzz-worthy:┬ástories told by my son, building a small wooden playhouse on our apartment’s balcony, the books I read at night before falling asleep.

I didn’t deliberately set out to distance myself of the digital world though (Sam Spurlin and Tammy Strobel, among others have done that with good results) — it just happened. But the outcome has been eye-opening.

One night, while reading the wonderful book about simplicity, Twelve by Twelve, a word from the book stuck to my mind: “Pilgrimage.” After a few pages, I had to put the book down, take the closest piece of paper I could find (a torn envelope) and my trusty pen, and write it down. Then I went back to reading. Very soon, I noticed there were more words to get out of my head. The moment was almost magical — not in a supernatural sense, just very fascinating — realizing that this big picture of my world view had been building inside my head all along I thought I was only thinking of diapers and children’t games, and now it was ready to come out.

The list grew longer and longer, every word adding something to the image of a life that is good enough, thankful, and I might even use the word blessed. A life that brings joy to me, but also adds to the common good.

Here they are: 24 words to describe what living a good life is about — or my collection of buzz words:

  1. Mindful
  2. Present
  3. Compassion
  4. Love
  5. Supporting
  6. Imperfect
  7. Gifts
  8. Grateful
  9. Pilgrimage
  10. Slow
  11. Fair
  12. Earthly
  13. Beautiful
  14. Handmade
  15. Culture
  16. History
  17. Story
  18. Timeless
  19. Art
  20. Permaculture
  21. Enough
  22. Humble
  23. Connected
  24. Small

I am not adding any explanations to these words. They are powerful words on their own, and if they ring true to you, I am sure you will find your own interpretations and conclusions.

When you do, I’d love to hear what thoughts these words create in you. And maybe one or more words that you would add to the list?

4 thoughts on “24 Words You Should Think About Today”

  1. Thanks for including my article. It’s funny that you wrote this now because I’ve just very recently (within the past couple weeks) started doing something similar. After I read a book I’ll flip to the index and just jot down any word that jumps out at me for any reason. I’m left with multiple lists that are similar to the one you wrote above. I like to browse what I’ve written down when I’m trying to decide what to write or read about next.

    1. My pleasure, Sam! For me, this was something that I did just that one time — couldn’t help myself. But your approach sounds very interesting. Maybe I’ll try it with the next book I finish.

      Thanks for sharing the tip!

  2. What a lovely post.. I’m fascinated by the way words can stir up distinct feeling in the body.
    I would like to add a word – spark
    I’m inspired by your idea thanks :)

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