Am I a Runner Now?

Saturday, May 9, about a week ago marked a special milestone in my relationship with sports: After completing Helsinki City Run (1/2 marathon) in 2:23:01, this lifelong non-athlete is now something of a real runner.

Check out my race report on the Train for Humanity blog, and support the cause by sponsoring (or just cheering) my training towards a full marathon in September.

4 thoughts on “Am I a Runner Now?”

  1. Thanks, guys!

    Check out this interview with Christopher McDougall:

    Here’s a quote that sums up why I enjoy running so much:
    “Once people learn to stop bashing themselves as hard as they can from start to finish and learn to enjoy those middle miles ā€“ the way both ultarunners and the Tarahumara do ā€“ then Iā€™m convinced more people will really learn to love to run.”

    I run slow, focusing on finishing and not so much on how much time it will take — and find it great fun!

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