The 52-in-One Challenge: Write a Blog Post Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

I have all these serious posts planned out. They have nice titles, I’m doing some heavy research on them, and I hope they will make a difference in some of our lives.

But today, I don’t feel like working on any of them.

Instead, in the spirit of Insanely Interesting September, I’m going to let ideas flow and just have fun. Seriously, sometimes you just have to get a bit crazy and go overboard.


Well… Because.

It will make your life insanely interesting. Trust me.

That’s why today, I’m putting up a challenge for myself as well as all of you.

All the way back in January, Mark Hayward wrote an inspiring blog post listing 52 Post Ideas to Help You Stay Inspired Throughout The Year.

Coming up with 52 ideas worth sharing with the world is a big deal. But how about combining all of those 52 ideas into a single, meaningful title — and then actually writing that post?

The outcome can be anything. It can be a huge success. But it can just as well be a complete failure you’ll want to forget, lock up, and sink in the deepest oceans.

That’s exactly why it’s the interesting thing to try.

Let’s Get (Y)our Hands Dirty

In his post, Mark divides the 52 ideas into 10 categories (Blogging, Link bait, Marketing, Social media, Humour, Entrepreneurship, Online business development, Design, Guest blogging, and Blogging tools). Go take a look at the post to see what the original, serious ideas were, and then get back here to see how I twist and turn them into something horrible.

First, I thought I’d combine each of the ten categories (and the two extra titles) into eleven titles to make the final title combination easier to grasp.

Here you go. The first list:

  1. Are You Ready For Server Crashing Traffic — A Creative look at Technorati’s Top 5 Must Read Blogs, Why You Site Stinks, and How You Can Swim Against The Stream
  2. Blog Post Buffet: Read These Top 10 Marketing Posts About Scrambled Egggs From Technorati Top 50 Blogs  to Ensure Eternal Blogging Success
  3. Feeding Readers to the Purple Cow. Five Steps for Becoming Remarkable with a Viral Marketing Campaign, One Reader at a Time
  4. Want to Become A Top Digger? It’s all About Stumble Upon, Social Media Comments, Giving and Taking. (P.S. Get Noticed)
  5. Seth Godin Ate John Chow While Mud Wrestling With Shoemoney: Top Reasons Why Australian Crappy Updates On CopyBlogger Disturb Me 
  6. Failure 101: How Failure Helped Me Get Five Tips From the Most Motivated Internet Entrepreneurs
  7. Flipping Flagship Blog Networks: These Ten Niches Will Outsource Your Writing To Generate Income Today
  8. Love your RSS Button: How Improving Your Branding Will Increase your Reader’s Opinion on This Site’s Font Size
  9. Why Crafting The Perfect Invitation To Get People to Write on Your Blog Tool is Easier Than You Think – and a Very Effective Networking Tool
  10. One Little Known Plugins That is Guaranteed to Stand Between WordPress and Movable Type and Declutter Your Traffic
  11. Ten Habits Of Computers – How to Improve Your Writing by Avoiding Bloggers
What do you think?
I think many of these titles would make rather interesting blog posts. But this time, I’m after a bigger goal: combining all of these into just one, massive monster headline.

And here it is. The ultimate blog headline (I wonder what Brian Clark would think of this one):

Seth Godin Ate John Chow While Guest Blogging and Buffet Crashing! A Creative look at Technorati’s Top 5 Must Read Marketing Blogs, Why Scrambled Eggs Helped Me Get Five Tips About Failure, and How You Can Use Your RSS Button to Swim Against The Stream (and Generate Outsourced Income) by Feeding Your Readers to the Purple Cow (ps. It’s All About Font Size, StumbleUpon, and Improving Your Writing)

And now, the most interesting part, the challenge.

Write a meaningful blog post with the monster title shown above.

And here’s some more detail: 

  1. Write your post during September
  2. Send me the link to your post (or add it to the comments)
  3. I will add your link right at the end of this post (first come, first served – so be quick to reserve the best spot and most clicks)
  4. After a while, I might run a round-up of the most inspired submissions around the end of the month, which naturally means more link love your way.
  5. I’d appreciate it if you linked to this original post. But you don’t have to. If you have a policy against linking, or you feel like you don’t want to fall into my link bait, I totally understand it. Just write the post, let me know about it, and I’ll link to it. I just want to see what you guys can come up with!
  6. Tell your friends (But only if you like the idea… If you hate it, I’ll just pretend I never wrote any of these 846 words)

But that’s not all.

I will also do my share, and post my own version some time during the next two weeks. Subscribe to my RSS feed to make sure you won’t miss it!

Now, let’s have some fun.

What You Came Up With

Here are the posts that were written in response to this challenge, in order of appearance:

  1. Derrick Kwa writes about why it’s not a good idea to mix up every spice in a blog post, even if they would be good ones when used sparingly.
There’s still room for more, so keep them coming!

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  1. I have to say – that is both very interesting and very insane. If you could write an article for that headline, you would be king of the internet :)

  2. Now this looks like fun. I will write my post next week. BTW I came here via Mark’s post on indirect networks and noticed that you do not have a Twitter link. See me at @the_future and I’ll follow you back!

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