Finding New Blogs

One of my symptoms for being insanely interested in too many things is my compulsory urge of aquiring ever more blogs to my reading list. I’m fighting the addiction by periodically dropping about 50% of my subscriptions, but that’s not my topic today.

Today I want to talk about finding new blogs.

Looking back at blogs collected in the past few weeks gives a pretty good idea on what has been on my mind lately. Here are my latest findings.

Designing Things

No, not software design, but the artistic one that includes architecture, package design, and graphic design. It’s not really that much related to anything I do, but I just can’t help but get inspired from seeing creative people at work.






Business, Life and Experiences

I joined Mark Hayward’s Make Money Online challenge at the beginning of April, and have since then been designing my own affiliate marketing schemes to get started.

That’s why I added these two blogs to my list of blogs to follow:

  1. Jonathan Volk: This twenty-something guy calls himself the Super Affiliate, and he has proof. Or how does $70,000 per month sound to you?
  2. The Internet Entrepreneur Diary: Terence Chang is a computer programmer, just like me, on his way to success in Internet entrepreneurship.

I found Jonathan’s blog through a recommendation in my comments. Big thanks go to Dave Conrey for pointing me to this resource full of real-life tested affiliate advice.

Similarily as Jonathan’s blog, I found Terence’s blog through blog comments. This time through his own commenting at Mark’s Tropical Escape.

During the past few weeks I have been reading a lot. I just finished The 4-hour Workweek and Me, Myself and Bob, and now am halfway through Dan Clement’s Escape 101.

Books like the 4-hour Workweek and Escape 101 usually make me look for more information, to see if real people really are putting the ideas presented in the books into action. That’s how I came to add the following two blogs to my Google Reader account:

  1. The Newly Rich: In this blog a (seemingly) normal family shares their experiences in applying the principles of the four-hour workweek into their everyday life.
  2. The Wide Wide World: A typical family (mom, dad, two kids) is about to set sail for a whole year of traveling around the world. What I like best about this blog is that everyone is writing, and even the doubts of the teenager daughter worrying about losing her friends haven’t been censored.

Where did the links come from?

I don’t do much of googling when looking for blogs. In fact, none of the blogs listed in this post were found through Google.

I just keep my eyes open. Interesting blogs can pop up as blog comments, as links in blog posts, or even as quotes or images in tumblelogs.

In fact, I’ve been looking for a chance to link to my favorite tumblelogs for quite a while. Check out these links for a nearly endless source of ideas and inspiration:

  1. random acts of, computers, dog of the day.
  2. cameron i/o: Apple, politics, computers, some talk on design.
  3. Ordererd List: Coding, humour, computers, design.
  4. technoweenie, wtf: Coding, Ruby on Rails.
  5. One a Day: Apple, software, computers.
  6. Brain Cluttr: Software, productivity.
  7. Inspire me, now!: Inspiration, design, art, humour.
  8. Robby see, Robby share…: Coding, design, politics, Ruby on Rails.
  9. Instead of working.: News, inspiration.
  10. zen habits tumblelog: Productivity, habits, life.

When I find an interesting link, I open it in a new tab, check out the blog and then if it’s even remotely interesting, I subscribe (if I’m not sure what to do, I check the about page). Then I keep the blog for a few weeks to see if I get anything from it – and decide to either keep it or scrap it.

Let’s talk!

What about you? How do you find new links? Are you a collector or a minimalist who tries to keep her number of subscriptions to the minimum?

Or something like me, a wannabe minimalist who can’t help but collect more and more feeds.

10 thoughts on “Finding New Blogs”

  1. @Pierre Adama: I have some ideas on how I can help you in creating your web site, so I will send you e-mail during next week and let’s then talk more about the topic. (Sorry for replying in English – I just couldn’t find the right words in French anymore… I have to start studying again.)

    @Mark: Sorry ;)

    Jarkko’s last blog post: Finding New Blogs

  2. Ahhh – More great blogs to read! Thanks so much for listing all of these here Jarkko! I’m also reading Dan Clement’s Escape 101 – it’s wonderful! I packed it with me on a trip to the Grand Canyon and started reading it while listening to the birds chirping at the campsite – the book + the environment made for a very powerful experience. Escape the Dan Clement way is definitely on my to-do list :)

    Again – thank you for this great list of blogs and all of the wonderful imagery at the beginning of this post. I tend to gravitate toward business blogs and you may have just opened up a whole new niche to become insanely interested in!

    Christine OKelly’s last blog post: How I Tripled My Business Leads in 8 Weeks

  3. @M!hai: How much time do you spend searching for new stuff? And how do you choose what to search for?

    @Christine: Traveling to Grand Canyon sounds like a small escape to me already :) Really nice!

  4. I´m definitely a collector. I try to clean out my blog list every so often, but my tastes are so eclectic, I usually have three or four on any given topic at any given time. :D

    I find new links through the comments left on my blogs and via the blogs I read . . . like this one, for example!

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