Joining The Make Money Online Challenge To Stay at Home

I have written about dreams. I have written about goals. Soon I am going to write about actions. But there’s one thing I have avoided all the while: sharing the details for the one dream and goal that drives me to all the side business activities I write about.

I want to be a stay-at-home dad.


When I go to work every day and spend most of the day away from my family, I risk missing out on many important and exciting events that take place during the day. Things like Oiva taking his first step, or learning his first real words. And it breaks my heart to hear him cry when I close the door in the morning.

But there are two things that make this quite a bit more complicated than just taking few months off and let the government support our family:

First, to do that we would have to lower our living standards significantly. Mari is still studying, so we can’t just switch roles.

Second, I would love to make this a more permanent thing than just a few months.

Which leads to my goal: to be able to support my family by working from home running my business from home in a way that lets me concentrate in my family rather than work like crazy.

That’s my 4-hour workweek dreamline.

The 4-hour Workweek for the insanely interested


Photo by chris1h1

Again, two things:

First, if you work on a side business, adding more and more work to your days is hardly a feasible solution. In fact, it gets really hard rather quickly. Even more so, if you don’t want your life to be just about work.

Second, if you are insanely interested in everything, you want to be free to play experiments on different things, not just get a lot of work and then keep doing it day in day out.

I just finished reading Tim Ferriss’s much discussed book, The 4-Hour Workweek, today and concluded that the muse business approach presented in would be perfect for me for both of the above reasons. A business that takes four hours a week to maintain is much more suitable as a side business than one that requires always more hours with every new customer. And a business like this gives you the freedom to use your time any way you want! Exploring all the things you are insanely interested in (like learning baking from a real French baker or watching your kid learn new skills).

Earlier this week, my friend from the Caribbean, Mark Hayward started his Anywired-Middlebrook Make Money Online Challenge.

Mark is planning to get something started by the end of April, and this post is my way of saying that I will do the same. By doing so, I will be moving closer towards my current ultimate goal of stay-at-home fatherhood. And naturally I will keep you posted on everything that I’m doing to get there, as well as all my results, both successes and failures.

In upcoming posts, I will share my ideas and more details on my plan, but right now what I really would like to do is to listen to your ideas. What do you think I should do to reach my target this month? Feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind and I’ll see how it fits into my plan.

Even small ideas matter

And finally the last piece of inspiration that finally got me started with this project: the one and only Christine O’Kelly. Her blog post on how she made almost $3000 with her 26-page eBook shows that it’s worth chasing even the small money and not getting stuck at thinking that if you can’t make millions right away with your idea, it’s not worth doing.

Let’s try out things, and then tune them as we go, shall we?

22 thoughts on “Joining The Make Money Online Challenge To Stay at Home”

  1. Can’t wait to hear more details on your plan Jarkko. I agree, a four hour work week would be great for my little side entrepreneur website start ups. Sounds great, but I just don’t see how it’s possible. I think I’m spreading myself to thin as it is now. I’ve been working on a new site tonight for over six hours alone (reason why I’ve not been blogging hardly at all), so I don’t see how I could do it in four hours a week. Maybe I need to get my hands on that book!?

  2. Dear Jarkko,

    Having a child is gift from God, Oiva is the cutest gift.

    I am not a family man yet, but I can put my feet on your shoes.

    I know the feeling of child or teens missing his/her dad to tell their problems or just piece of talks of daily things.

    I am 22 right now, but i have goal that when I am going to be father someday.

    I want to be with my children all the time.

    Send them to school.
    Listen to their problems.
    And lot a more.

    But i realize the only thing that can steal that experience from me is my job.

    Perhaps my suggestions is, you are on the right track. Keep it up.

    Our job is for our family,
    Your job is for Oiva.

    And if the job is stealing the precious time for Oiva and your family.

    I think this is not helpful in the future.

    One more reminder.

    Lets pray to God and do our part.

    Thank you and More Power

  3. @Mark: Yep. I’m curious as well :) Great to be on board! This is like continuing to do what I was doing anyway, but with some turbo charge…

    @Deron: Those were my thoughts as well, before I read the book.

    The one big thing that I realized from it was that is that the four hours / week approach doesn’t work that well in all kinds of work. You can’t do web development (yourself) in four hours, for example.

    The trick is to build a business that relies mostly on outsourcing: you create a product, then pay others to do most of the work, and work for four hours yourself. This frees the rest of your time to do whatever you want. If that’s creating web sites, perfect! The difference just is that now you don’t have to do it for the money :)

    I don’t know how it works, but I’m planning to find out… Getting there, however, requires a lot of work, so no, I’m not having four-hour weeks right now…

    @Don: Thanks for the encouragement! Wise words! This is a long term plan, and I don’t know how it will turn out, but I’m ready to find out.

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  6. @Douglas: Thanks! It’s good to hear that you find my writing useful – and I hope I can keep it that way in the future as well :)

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for joining the fun :)

  7. HI, I thinkk it’s a great blog you have here. I should probably tell you that your archive links are covering the comment field so it’s a bit hard to write, and if I make a spelling mistake, it’s because I can’t really see what I am writing. Maybe it’s an issue with your theme? Thought you might like to know.

    I was curious about how you were doing with your making money online adventure and whether you are progressing on your goal? Work-at-Home dad – that’s funny. Are you getting there?

    Annas last blog post..Holly Mann’s Honest Riches 2008 | Honest Riches 3

  8. @Anna: Thanks for the compliments, and the feedback! Could you tell me what browser you’re using so I can check the blog design with it (I haven’t seen that problem, but then again, I haven’t tested on all browser).

    Regarding the money making challenge. It’s still a long way to get to the target – but I’m working on it. Right now, I’m still making about $50-100 per month from affiliate sales, plus some money from freelance writing (both online and offline). But it’s a long way from earning most of my living online.

    But now that you reminded me of it, I guess I should write a follow-up on how the summer went regarding this challenge – and what I’m planning to do differently now in the fall.

  9. Well I am using Mozilla Firefox latest version. But now I don’t have the problem anymore with your blog. Oh – I was using Comment Kahuna! To find blogs related to my niche, that’s how I found you. :) It must have been that software.

    I can see from asking a various starting-up Internet Marketers that I am not the only one who isn’t an overnight millionaire!

    I think it takes time, patience, and willingness to learn. I earn maybe $300 per month online through various projects which were all mainly “learning experiences.” Now that I know I started them all wrong, I am using what I learned to improve those projects (where possible) and also start on new projects which I think have far more potential.

    What I have really gained through these projects, though, is the practical experience. That is the most valuable thing of all. Everything I have learned in Internet Marketing is starting to come together.

    I think that is why some people say they worked online for years in their spare time before they really made it to quit their regular jobs. I think those of us, who persist and learn and work, will definitely get there. My income is going up and up, that says something. I still remember the first 42 cents I made online!

    – Anna

    P.S. I also put a poll on to see how much people were earning online. Interesting results so far.

  10. Thanks for the informative post.. and thanks for adding our comment to the blog. I am subscribing to your feed so I don\’t miss the next post!

  11. Hi there just stopped by as i have been extremely busy with my own business as my blog is currently under redevelopment.Am i mistaken but has your own theme changed since last time i was here? Or am i just having a cafeine induced trawling internet when i should be in my bed moment? LOL.

    Firstly compliments again re blog and content and “Hats Off” to Anna above she has realised what sadly far to many don’t ! That is this is a trade,profession and skill that has to be learned like any other !

    Sadly to many people either get burned by the “Hype Peddlers” that still haunt the IM world today.However the enlightened like Anna once they realise “Get Rich Quick” only applies to those unscrupulous enough to peddle these products to the naieve and inexperienced.However i don’t know a single “Successful Marketeer” who hasn’t been burned and had their hopes dashed along the way !

    What defines “Success” for me online is the “Anna’s” who take the pain but have that inner drive,persistence and determination to keep on climbing that mountain.

    To All Your Success

    Douglas Stuart

  12. Thank you Douglas! What a nice comment to see. Yes I plug away and I make efforts to network with other honest and real Internet Marketers (or aspiring Internet Marketers). When I have time I try to comment and interact through my own IM blog, but I really have so much more yet to do with that blog! I have a few different niches I am working on, so bit by bit, I progress. It’s great to meet people who want to live in the real world – and to help others do so as well.

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