303 Insanely Interesting Links From 2007

The time just before a new year starts is exciting because while we are physically still living in 2007, our minds are already wandering towards the next year. It’s the time when we tend to take a look at how the past year looked like and set goals for the next year.

I use Google Reader to follow what’s happening in the blogging world, and whenever I come across an insanely interesting post, I star it. This week I took a plunge back in history and decided to go through all the starred blog posts from this year.

If you are only going to read one post from this list, pick this one! It’s fresh, inspiring and it summarizes really well how an ever growing group of people feel about business, work and life.

From the Shane and Peter blog: “Just Like Air”

And then, the huge list of links.

Starting from March because that’s when I started using Google Reader, and ending in December (because that’s where the year ends). Enjoy!


  1. Your Code: OOP or POO?, Coding Horror
  2. Top 6 List of Programming Top 10 Lists, Coding Horror
  3. A Race of Futuristic Supermen!, Coding Horror
  4. Rendering empty responses, the { buckblogs :here }
  5. 8 OpenID Resources for Rails Developers, Ruby Inside
  6. Using Amazon S3 as an Image Hosting Service, Coding Horror
  7. Publish and view documents online with Scribd, LifeHacker
  8. Three Web-Based Mind Mapping Tools Reviewed, Web Worker Daily
  9. Review: Highrise, part 1, Robby on Rails
  10. Creating User Friendly 404 Pages, Coding Horror
  11. Why You Don’t Matter, Trizle
  12. The Myths of Starting a Business, Dumb Little Man
  13. Do You Dare to Work with Friends?, Web Worker Daily
  14. Do You Have What It Takes To Make It as an Entrepreneur?, Success from the Nest
  15. 12 ways to pimp your office, Chief Happiness Officer
  16. Photos of 37signals HQ, Signal vs. Noise
  17. 10 Internet Businesses you can Start with $100, Dumb Little Man
  18. 10 Common Money Mistakes, Get Rich Slowly
  19. People have no idea why they’re doing what they’re doing, Signal vs. Noise
  20. Is Your Story Worth Reading?, Success from the Nest
  21. The law of attraction is real. The movie “The Secret” is fake, Chief Happiness Officer
  22. How to Turn Bad Habits into Good Habits, Zen Habits
  23. Top 5 Online Apps That Ruin Your Productivity, Zen Habits
  24. Edit Your Life, Part 4: Your Work Space, Zen Habits
  25. Headline Remix Madness – Part Two, Copyblogger
  26. Friday Fun: Photoshop your car to look like Cars, LifeHacker
  27. LED faucet light “changes water color” when too hot, Parent Hacks
  28. Geocaching – A Good Walk…Transformed (into an adventure!), Geekdad
  29. 10 Great Places to Take Your Kids in the San Francisco Bay Area, Geekdad


  1. Hackety Hack: An Amazing Ruby Environment for Beginners, Ruby Inside
  2. The Absolute Moron’s Guide to Capistrano, Ruby Inside
  3. Ruby Cheatsheet, Ruby Inside
  4. Sexier Migrations in Rails, Ruby Inside
  5. Pick a License, Any License, Coding Horror
  6. Take your work to the web with Peepel online office suite, LifeHacker
  7. Cut down on Firefox memory hogging, LifeHacker
  8. How to Know When to Quit Your Day Job and Work from Home Full Time, Success from the Nest
  9. Finding the sweet spot in between passion and work, Worldchanging Business
  10. How to work for four hours a week, really, Worldchanging Business
  11. People don’t scroll…emails, Signal vs. Noise
  12. A Guide to CSS Support in Email: 2007 Edition, Campaign Monitor Blog
  13. Make Your PowerPoint Presentation More Human with Post-It Notes, Web Worker Daily
  14. How to Lead Passionately, Trizle
  15. How to Start Your Remote Project Team Off on the Right Foot, Web Worker Daily
  16. Financial Zen: How to Get Financial Peace of Mind, Zen Habits
  17. Simple Way to Save $3,000 a Year: Brown Bag It, ZenHabits
  18. Finding Your Purpose Isn’t Easy – But Neither Is Having It Handed To You, Success from the Nest
  19. Finding Patterns to Find Your Purpose, Success from the Nest
  20. 6 Ways to Track Your Time, Web Worker Daily
  21. 6 Simple Steps to Make Mail & Paperwork Painless, Zen Habits
  22. ZTD Habit 4: Do, Zen Habits
  23. Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Work Week, Zen Habits
  24. Why paper to-do lists work better, LifeHacker
  25. Five Common Headline Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, Copyblogger
  26. 100 Things You Should Know About [Everything], Geekdad


  1. 70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding, Smashing Magazine
  2. 30 Scripts For Galleries, Slideshows and Lightboxes, Smashing Magazine
  3. 60 Elegant and Visually Appealing Designs, Smashing Magazine
  4. Freebies Round-Up: Icons, Buttons and Templates, Smashing Magazine
  5. The Nametag Guy gives away his 4th book for FREE!, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  6. A CIO Revolutionizes the Rules of Email, Web Worker Daily
  7. The Best Office in the World, FreelanceSwitch
  8. 101 Ideas to Get More Freelance Work and Generate New Client Leads, FreelanceSwitch
  9. 37signals in Time Magazine, Signal vs. Noise
  10. Measuring Time: How Much Time Does It Take To Build a Business?, ZoomStart
  11. Every Great Leader Is An Inventor, ZoomStart
  12. 6 Great Free Alternatives to Quicken & MS Money, ZenHabits
  13. Beginner’s Guide to Running, Zen Habits
  14. 33 New Ways to Overclock Your Brain, Ririan Project
  15. Handbook for Life: 52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity, ZenHabits
  16. Overclock Your Reading Speed, ZenHabits
  17. 7 Ways to Crank Out Articles, FreelanceSwitch
  18. Why You Are Always Selling With Your Blog, Copyblogger
  19. Create a Morning Writing Ritual, FreelanceSwitch
  20. Is Disclosing Earnings Unprofessional, Nate Whitehill dot com
  21. 15 Must-read Blogs for Blog Writers, FreelanceSwitch
  22. Top WordPress Plugins for the Smart Blogger, lifehack.org
  23. 20 Sure-Fire Ways to Come Up With Great Ideas, Ririan Project
  24. How to be a Great Dad – 12 Awesome Tips, Zen Habits


  1. Taking Payment with PayPal, Escrow and other Online Options, FreelanceSwitch
  2. 54 questions every entrepreneur should ask, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  3. Endlessly Curious, Escape Adulthood
  4. Are you a YES man (or woman), Dumb Little Man
  5. Kill Meetings to Get More Done, lifehack.org
  6. Tips on Using Commas, yes Commas, Dumb Little Man
  7. Juice your creative orange with visual thinking, Slash7
  8. Teaching Your Child to Read, Geekdad
  9. Goo Goo, the First Search Engine for Infants, Geekdad
  10. Rainy-day Geekdad Project: Home-made Fold-out Books, Geekdad


  1. Programmers are lazy capricious pseudo-intellectuals. Really?, Software Creation Mystery
  2. Advanced Concepts in Ruby on Rails Hosting, jlaine.net
  3. Joyent Slingshot and Connector Go Open Source, Ruby Inside
  4. Co-working vs Working-from-home?, lifehack.org
  5. Office space and the writing process…, Presentation Zen
  6. 20 Ways to Get Free or Cheap Books, and Give Away Your Old One, ZenHabits
  7. Why You Need To Be A Toastmaster, lifehack.org
  8. Be somebody’s first friend, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  9. Why Your Free Time is Boring, lifehack.org
  10. WordPress Plugins & Tutorials: Your Pick, Smashing Magazine
  11. Seasonal Traffic and How to Capture It for Your Blog, ProBlogger.net
  12. Why Guest Blogging is a Powerful Way to Gain Exposure for Your Blog, NORTHxEAST
  13. 50 Tools that can Improve your Writing Skills, Dumb Little Man
  14. Copyright Explained: I May Copy It, Right?, Smashing Magazine


  1. Do We Need Software Architects? 10 Reasons Why Not, Software Creation Mystery
  2. (xy)write it! has been released, Rails on Wave
  3. Campfire vs. regular IM, 37signals Product Blog
  4. How to build your business before quitting your day job, lifehack.org
  5. Is Your Dream Just a Metaphor for Your Ideal Work?, Success from the Nest
  6. What Is Your Dream Job?, Wise Bread
  7. Are You Too Busy Working? You Might Suffer From Work Tunnel Vision, LifeDev
  8. Saturday Night Post, Josh Mullineaux dot com
  9. When To Use Email & When Not To, lifehack.org
  10. How to Rock Your Work Day, Trizle
  11. 5 Wonderful Movies About Work That You Haven’t Seen, Wise Bread
  12. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Very, very publicly., Chief Happiness Officer
  13. 30 Ways to Transform Your Career, Dumb Little Man
  14. Slow Cook Your Business Goals for Success, Dumb Little Man
  15. Deliver __________ value., HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  16. Communication: Companies need less . . . not more!, Slow Leadership
  17. Can you be happy in an evil business?, Chief Happiness Officer
  18. On the importance of having capital, Wise Bread
  19. Start Investing With as Little as $100, CashBulge
  20. Investing: How to get Started, Josh Mullineaux dot com
  21. Practice intentional discomfort, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  22. The importance of having a HOT body, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  23. 22 Secrets to Discovering Your Dream and Living It, Dumb Little Man
  24. 10 Odd Little Minimalist Things I Do, Zen Habits
  25. Collaborative Bookmarking… UNLEASHED, Robby on Rails
  26. How to Communicate Effectively And Still Get Things Done, Software Creation Mystery
  27. The Best Way to Break a Productive Cycle, The Young Capitalist
  28. Plan Your Next Week’s Posting Schedule, ProBlogger.net
  29. Do You Find Blogging Easier or Harder Than You Thought it Would be?, Random Jabber
  30. Hacked Heelys Generate Power, Eco Geek


  1. The Computer Programmer, Web 2.0 Entrepreneur
  2. OpenID Authentication, Railscasts
  3. Free Fonts of the Month: Revalo, Nadia Serif, Qlassik, Smashing Magazine
  4. Attractive Online Diagrams, Charts And Maps, Smashing Magazine
  5. 100 Dollars and 30 Days!, Simon’s Money Notes
  6. Backpacker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Are You the Next Virtual Business Success Story?, Mind Petals
  7. How to Choose the Right Job So That You Can Have a Successful Career, Quick Sprout
  8. Just say no – to that evil company, Chief Happiness Officer
  9. Are You Making the Classic Entrepreneurial Mistake with Your Business or Your Blog?, Create Business Growth
  10. How to Look Fortune 500 When You’re a Small Biz, Create Business Growth
  11. Insist on being yourself, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  12. The Business of Freelancing – You Are In Business To, FreelanceSwitch
  13. Dancing on Glass, FreelanceSwitch
  14. Build a Facebook Profile You Can Be Proud Of, Quick Sprout
  15. Things I Don’t Understand, Pt. 2, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  16. Eeyore or Tigger?, Escape Adulthood
  17. 10 Big Lessons from Little Kids, Ririan Project
  18. 10 Benefits of Power Napping, and How to Do It, Ririan Project
  19. Celebrate More, Escape Adulthood
  20. Are you in danger of using work pressures as an excuse?, Slow Leadership
  21. Top 15 Lies People Tell You About Pursuing Your Dreams, Ravi Vora
  22. Seven LEGAL ways to steal…and they’re good for you., Dumb Little Man
  23. Stop Worrying About Your Future Once and for All, Ravi Vora
  24. How to Take a Compliment, lifehack.org
  25. I want, I learn, I do, I get, lifehack.org
  26. Insanely interested in reading!, Brighter Days For You and Me
  27. Live Like There’s No Tomorrow, Wise Bread
  28. RentMineOnline.com: Why Buy?, Eco Geek
  29. Turn Your Old Laptop Into Money, Eco Geek
  30. Take off at noon for greater results, Slow Leadership
  31. Laptops In Meetings, Musings of a Software Development Manager
  32. Are Excuses Hurting Your Blogging Success?, ProBlogger.net
  33. Mastering Productivity: How to Be More Effective With Your Time, Zen Habits
  34. 31 Ways to Productively Waste Time, Ravi Vora
  35. Challenges Every Blogger Must Overcome, NORTHxEAST
  36. Give your wordpress editor a much needed upgrade, Blogging Tips
  37. Extending the Life of a Post, Blogging Tips
  38. Warning: Use These 5 Surefire Headline Formulas at Your Own Risk, Copyblogger
  39. How Freelancing Made Me a Better Writer, Copyblogger
  40. The Blogger’s Library: 28 Free eBooks and Excerpts for Bloggers, Skelliewag.org
  41. A Guide to Throwing a Great Party (and Holding the Perfect Competition), Skelliewag.org
  42. Essential Steps to Submitting an Article to a Magazine, FreelanceSwitch
  43. Improve Your Blog By Reading a Magazine – An Exercise for Bloggers, ProBlogger.net
  44. How to Get Your First Freelance Blogging Gig, ProBlogger.net
  45. Tips For Surviving That Boring Meeting, Bug Bash
  46. Comic Book Characters and Their Real Life Enemies, Ravi Vora
  47. Grocery Bike, Eco Geek
  48. An Off-Grid Vertical Farm for Downtown Seattle, Eco Geek
  49. Falling for Notebooks, lifehack.org
  50. Make your mind your friend, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  51. Two Words That Are Certain to Inspire Your Creativity Every Time, Ravi Vora
  52. The 14 Best Sounds on Earth, Ravi Vora
  53. Twenty-five Things to Do With Old Jeans, Wise Bread
  54. Potato Ideas that Pop, Wise Bread
  55. There Are Alternatives To Homework, Be a Good Dad


  1. iPhone: Context over consistency, Signal vs. Noise
  2. Design Decisions: Backpack’s new “Add Anywhere” feature, Signal vs. Noise
  3. “How I Learned to Love Testing” presentation, Rails Envy
  4. Browser Tests, Services and Compatibility Test Suites, Smashing Magazine
  5. Making a PayPal Form Tutorial, FreelanceSwitch
  6. How to answer 23 of the most common interview questions, Wise Bread
  7. A few incomplete sentences that need revision, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  8. Workplace stress can be a killer, Slow Leadership
  9. Top 5 reasons green workplaces make their employees happy at work, Chief Happiness Officer
  10. Work and Life: 15 Ways to Strike a Balance, Ririan Project
  11. How I Multiplied My Profits By Packaging Services, Self Made Chick
  12. Money for Entrepreneurs – Have a Back-Up Plan That Doesn’t Suck, IttyBiz
  13. Breaking the Freelance Writing Income Barrier, ChrisBlogging
  14. Money for Entrepreneurs: Can You Afford It?, IttyBiz
  15. I Made the Mistakes So You Don’t Have To, Random Jabber
  16. Business Survival Guide: 8 Practices of a Long Term Freelancer, FreelanceSwitch
  17. Seven Things That Keep Us From Getting Home on Time, lifehack.org
  18. Monday Tip: How’s everybody doing?, Chief Happiness Officer
  19. Busy: The New Four Letter Word, Escape Adulthood
  20. The top 5 reasons why most team building events are a waste of time, Chief Happiness Officer
  21. 12 Examples of Viral Content, And What We Can Learn From Them, Skelliewag.org
  22. Why people choose brands instead of anonymous products, Little Green Man
  23. Legendary rock band Radiohead charges “whatever you want” for latest album, Wise Bread
  24. 37 Viral Post Ideas You Can Use Today, Skelliewag.org
  25. Postcard Promotion Ideas and Moo Giveaway, FreelanceSwitch
  26. Building Momentum: How Blog Action Day Got Going, NORTHxEAST
  27. 7 Incredibly Unique Business Cards, Create Business Growth
  28. Radiohead, The 4-Hour Work Week and the Importance of Raving Fans, Copyblogger
  29. Figuring the size of your emergency fund, Wise Bread
  30. 10 Easy Ways to be Nicer to the Environment and Your Wallet, Wise Bread
  31. Proof you can make it: 20 Ugly Actors You Know and Love, Ravi Vora
  32. Product of Your Environment., The Young Capitalist
  33. Hassle-free Weight Loss: The Zen Habits Meal Plan, Zen Habits
  34. The Ten Videos to Change How You View the World, lifehack.org
  35. Big Dreams: Chapter 1, Ravi Vora
  36. The 6 Most Exciting Reasons To Run In The Dark, 52 Lives
  37. 79 Ways for Busy Moms to Escape Adulthood, Escape Adulthood
  38. Success is a Choice, Success from the Nest
  39. Grandpa Me and Wii, Escape Adulthood
  40. Find Your Big Dream Right Now, Ravi Vora
  41. The Truth is Out There, Escape Adulthood
  42. Unschedule Your Job, Dumb Little Man
  43. Real bloggers create and enable. Followers react and comment, Young Go Getter
  44. Your first 10,000 Blog Posts are Always the Worst, ProBlogger.net
  45. Reporter vs Expert – Why Most Bloggers Are Stuck Reporting, Entrepreneur’s Journey
  46. The First Month: Building Something From Nothing, Skelliewag.org
  47. The Second Month: Building A Springboard, Skelliewag.org
  48. Writing for Freelance Blogging Gigs, Blogging Tips
  49. How I Drastically Improved My Blog Stats with a Few Tweaks, Self Made Chick
  50. 10 Tips to a Successful Blog Sale, NORTHxEAST
  51. Results of the cross-blog series – it was a success!, How to Be an Original
  52. Freelance Freedom #20, FreelanceSwitch
  53. The Coolest Mom’); DROP TABLE, A Clever Cookie
  54. The Energy Island: A Gigantic Offshore Battery?, Eco Geek
  55. 50 Quick, Painless Ways You Can Help the Environment Today, The Action Blog
  56. Blog Action Day: What If The Water Runs Out?, Entrepreneur’s Journey
  57. Home Decoration as Innovative Energy Option, Eco Geek
  58. I want electric lights!, No Impact Man
  59. 5 innovative environmental business ideas, Young Go Getter
  60. Soup Toppers With Style, Wise Bread
  61. 10 Ways New Parents Change, lifehack.org
  62. Cooking Up Some Home-made Fun, Geek Dad


  1. 43 Things That Run my Website Business, Wake Up Later
  2. 30 More Excellent Blog Designs, Smashing Magazine
  3. Making FreelanceSwitch Profitable, FreelanceSwitch
  4. How To Generate More Clients and More Sales Than You Can Handle, Self Made Chick
  5. Your first $400 with Affiliate Marketing, Change Your Thoughts
  6. Freelancing: Why or Why Not?, Wake Up Later
  7. Save the planet–a job creation scheme, No Impact Man
  8. What Do You Do? (re: how do you make money!!? how much!!! tell me!!), Mind Petals
  9. The Two Sides of “Website Favors”, Wake Up Later
  10. Marketing For Entrepreneurs: Should You Sell On Price?, IttyBiz
  11. Ask 37signals: Personas?, Signal vs. Noise
  12. If your clients are not actively telling their friends about you…, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  13. How To Tell The Truth, Part One, IttyBiz
  14. How You Live, Escape Adulthood
  15. 20 Fun Things You Can Do with Family on Thanksgiving, Dumb Little Man
  16. The problem with WHY, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  17. Self-discipline at home, Inter-Sections
  18. How to Write Like a Painter, Skelliewag.org
  19. Weekend Quote – Sunday 18 November 2007, Create Business Growth
  20. The Top 20 Ways to Come Up With Amazing Ideas, Skelliewag.org
  21. Study ordinary things intently, HELLO, my name is BLOG!


  1. Pimp Your Firefox: 12 Essential Extensions for Web Developers & Designers, FreelanceSwitch
  2. The Freelancer’s Support Staff, FreelanceSwitch
  3. Putting Tumblr to work for you, Robby on Rails
  4. Are You Someone’s User-Generated Content?, CopyBlogger
  5. Making Money = Easy. Servicing Others = Hard., Mind Petals
  6. Interview Yourself: Shane, The Shane & Peter Inc. Blog
  7. 111 Self-Assessment Questions to Make 2008 the Best Year Ever!, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  8. Earning a living helping people keep it green, No Impact Man
  9. Who cares about your job title – tell me what you DO!, Chief Happiness Officer
  10. Monday Inspiration: Creative Workplaces, Smashing Magazine
  11. Do you own a business or a job?, The Shane & Peter Inc. Blog
  12. Quite Possibly The Craziest Statement I Have Ever Heard, My Tropical Escape
  13. 9 Ways to Drastically Increase Your Perceived Value, Self Made Chick
  14. 5 Things People Want to See Before the Sale, SmallFuel Marketing
  15. What Apple Can Teach You About Marketing, SmallFuel Marketing
  16. How To Personally Chauffer Your Clients Out The Door, IttyBiz
  17. 9 things people don’t care about, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  18. Top 25 Life-Improving Christmas Gifts for Under $10, Zen Habits
  19. 157 Pieces of Contrarian Wisdom, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  20. Put Your Life Into Perspective, A Clever Cookie
  21. Tony Soprano’s Top 11 Tips for Success, Quick Sprout
  22. Is your paperwork costing you time and money?, FreelanceSwitch
  23. Why You Can’t Finish Anything, Trizle
  24. What Did Blogging Teach You In 2007?, Entrepreneur’s Journey
  25. Ding Dong, Digg is Dead, Copyblogger
  26. Buying And Selling Domains: A Quick Guide, Blogtrepreneur
  27. When to Charge an Hourly Freelance Writing Rate, ChrisBlogging
  28. Five Blogging New Year’s Resolutions to Make 2008 Great, Blogging Tips
  29. IGF Nominations!, Kloonigames
  30. 49 Ways to become an Idea Powerhouse, HELLO, my name is BLOG!
  31. Size Is The Enemy, Coding Horror

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20 thoughts on “303 Insanely Interesting Links From 2007”

  1. This is an insane list of links Jarkko! I’m going to try to get through most of them. I skimmed through the titles and saw quite a few that caught my eye that I’d like to go back and read once I have more time.

    I stumbled this article for you. Hopefully it will get some exposure for all of your hard work putting it together.

    By the way, thanks for including two of my articles in the list.

  2. Hi Jarkko – Thanks for linking to me!! I am only listed once so you have given me a new goal for 2008, which will be to get listed at least twice at the end of next year :)

  3. Thanks, everyone, for your great posts (and comments)! The time spent collecting this list was really fun, because it gave me a good reason to go back to all of these great posts from this past year and read them again.

    I’m looking forward for all the great articles you guys will write next year! :)

    Happy new year and have fun reading these posts!

  4. Yeah, it took a bit longer than I thought it would. Luckily I started the list already before Christmas, otherwise I would have missed all the food and family stuff ;)

    Time to start working on my new year’s post…

  5. @Raymond: My pleasure! I’m reading too many blog posts anyway so I thought I’d do something useful with them and get others to read as well :)

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