Seven Signs That You Might Be Insanely Interested in Everything

What if I told you that I want to be a scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician, poet and a writer?

If that scares you, you belong to the vast majority of people who believe the modern day mantra of specialization and say that a Jack of all trades is master of none.

But if it gets you excited, then you are like me.

Maybe you too find it hard to specialize in just one thing and want to be both sculptor and poet – not just sculptor or poet.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

The list I started this post with was the resume of one of the greatest minds in history, Leonardo Da Vinci. And here’s another one:

Ibn al-Haytham (965–1039) was an Iraqi Arab anatomist, physician, psychologist, astronomer, engineer, mathematician, ophthalmologist, philosopher, physicist, scientist, and Ash’ari theologian.

I have no idea what an ophthalmologist does, but I have huge respect for this guy, just like anyone who doesn’t suppress his curiosity but goes all the way exploring all the different things he finds interesting.

Wikipedia lists dozens of recognized polymaths, so if you want to know more about people like Da Vinci and al-Haytham, I suggest you grab a cup of coffee and start digging. But don’t forget to come back to this post when you are done with Wikipedia.

A blessing or a curse?

During the coming weeks, months, and who knows, maybe even years, I’ll write more posts on how we can be true to our insanely interested natures and be polymaths or Jacks of all trades in the modern world. But today, I’m sure you’re itching to know whether I will diagnose you as insanely interested in everything or not.

Once you have read this post, let me know if you agree with your diagnosis, and whether you think being interested in many things is a blessing or a curse.

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Let’s start digging your mind

You’ll be the shrink, so be honest. Think about each of the following clues and create a diagnoses for yourself: Are you more of an expert type or a generalist type? Forget all about other people’s expectations and just concentrate in your own thoughts and feelings.

You might be insanely interested in everything if…

  1. You admire everyone who is following her dream: I just found out that my friend Kaisa has a blog about her business of making new clothes from recycled materials (in Finnish). I don’t think anyone would call me a fashion expert, but I still found her work fascinating and subscribed to her RSS feed.
  2. You find every new job opening exciting: Just about a week ago I was counting all the job descriptions I have had during my three and a half years at my current company and realized that my job has changed more often than once per year. Not to mention the three or four internal job openings that I considered applying for but didn’t.

    This kind of “job hopping” is probably one of the clearest signs that show that you are insanely interested in everything.

  3. You always have a new project going on: For as long as I can remember, I have always been doing something. As a kid, I loved to write my own music, but I also enjoyed writing scripts for movies and directing them. And that’s not all: I was the editor of my own magazine. My brothers and I did an animated movie. I loved programming on my Commodore 64. When I grew older, I started building web sites and web based projects. Then game programming. And finally blogging.

    It’s just a part of who I am. I need to try out new ideas as they pop into my mind.

  4. You keep wondering if some other career choice would have been better for you after all: I work as a programmer, but I also enjoy writing, so every now and then I spend time thinking if I should switch to writing and leave software alone for good. Some days I’m thinking that maybe I should apply to a school to become an architect. But then I have a day that reminds me of how much I love programming too.

    I enjoy so many things that it’s hard to just pick one and stick to it.

  5. You can spend hours surfing at Wikipedia: Or if you are more of a fan of analog data, you spend time at your local library reading magazines such as Scientific American, Time, National Geographic, or Wired, looking for inspiration and new information to fill your curiosity. You are hungry for all kinds of information.

    And here’s a quick test: If you clicked on some or all of the Wikipedia links at the beginning of this post, you probably just passed the test: you are insanely interested in everything.

  6. You see being laid off as an opportunity rather than a disaster: I don’t exactly want to be laid off, but some days ago I realized something. Mari was telling that someone she knows is forced to find a new career path because of allergic reactions to the chemicals she needs to use in her job as a hair dresser. It was supposed to be a sad story, but I was just thinking of all the different alternative career paths that this person could now explore.

    In order to be polite, I need to fight myself and remember that not everyone sees these situations the same way I do.

  7. You find it difficult to maintain a focus in blogging: For a long time I wanted to start blogging, but didn’t, because I didn’t know what to write about. I had too many options. And when I finally started this blog, I decided that I would write about software engineering.

    It’s now been months since my last software engineering post, but I’m happy, because I think I have at last found my focus: this is a blog about how you can make being insanely interested in everything a blessing rather than a curse.

How did you score?

I’d love to hear your experiences and how you realized that you are interested in more than just a few things. What would be especially interesting to hear would be whether you feel being a polymath is a burden or a blessing.

Let’s talk!

61 thoughts on “Seven Signs That You Might Be Insanely Interested in Everything”

  1. I think every point you touched on except for #5 fits me to a tee.

    I get excited about everything like that; someone following their dream, finding interest in new job openings, always having something going on. That’s me!

    Seems like most of mine revolve around the entrepreneurship/web world though. Although I do have a full time job and have yet to make the first dollar from my web ventures, I still have that mindset. I’m always looking to start a new project or get my hands dirty with something new. :)

  2. I can relate to this, am interested in many things, have a sister the same. Check book ‘Moodswing’ for extreme cases, milder form called ‘hypomanic’ often very creative and major contributors to society.
    Cross-cultural/occupational pollination can be valuable to generate new products and approaches.
    My interests: MD, family practice & 50% trained as a psychiatrist, designing boat and houses, orcharding, peace activism. I read about politics, boating, Peak Oil, economics, mountain climbing, submarines, diving, (things I wouldn’t risk) anthropology, psychology, Eskimos etc.
    Bottom line in life, if not hurting others, is pleasure; of course variety helps. However if you seek higher status, it would be easier to do by specializing more.
    Best wishes, George

  3. I am the same as Deron. I’m not a huge wikipedia fan but i do love to research and read in general.

    Quite often I see it as a curse. I start so many projects and rarely finish any. I never quite master the programming language I am working with as I would rather start learning something else. I just figured I had ADD :p

  4. Gee, this is an inspiring post again! I suddenly remembered some old ideas I was going to make real but didn’t quite have the time for… Thank you Jarkko! And thanks for mentioning my work blog, glad you like it.

    I’ve always wanted to be a polymath, I think. It has took me some time to realize it’s actually possible, though… That I don’t have to close my eyes from all the possibilities. That I don’t have to have the same job for the rest of my life.

    I’m insanely interested in blogging, journalism, writing fiction, making stuff out of recycled materials, teaching how to make stuff from recycled materials, costume design for theaters and screenplays, consumer activism, organic food, music of all sorts… I’m completely fascinated when someone tells me about their passions and interests, even if those are nowhere near my own range of interests. I studied Latin in high school and wanted to be a linguist and culture historian, I still do!

    Currently I have two jobs and some short side projects. I have two blogs and decided to start a third one this morning (I will start writing some short fiction there). I have a polytechnic degree “in progress”. I often think I’m slacking off.

    Being a polymath, you have to learn to concentrate. Even if you want to do a million things, you can’t do them all at once. I think it helps to realize that a human life span is actually quite long. You don’t HAVE TO do everything now, or this month, or this year.

    I still think it’s fun to know all sorts of things. It gives me peace: if my current projects don’t go well, I can always take upa something else. I know I will never be unemployed if I don’t choose to be.

  5. We had that game or exercise called “7 lives” at various seminars.
    We had to pick different professions to have for those lives. Then explain thoroughly why we picked those. This way going deep down to personal values. I really enjoyed it and came up with different professions most of the time.

    Just a few to mention:
    Mayor of my hometown
    Sportswoman (tennis player, swimmer… gymnast or sth similar)
    Farmer (in Austrian.. or Swiss Alps, having cows, making cheese)
    Minister of Education
    B&B owner
    Tourist guide
    Interior designer

    I think its good to be interested in many things. Everything in the world is interlinked, this way you are able to connect things that others cannot. See or make those connections yourself.

    I have a Finnish friend who was an office assistant, then learned photography and at the age of 50, she got a masters in jewelery making. Now planning her own exhibition. While building her workshop brick by brick on her own. That’s sth I appreciate!

  6. Sounds like a euphamism for serial entrepreneur. I love starting thing (and thank god, peter & julie both loves finishing things).

    I am pretty much a yes on all of them, though 5 is more of a lark than a passion. That said I did spend 40 minutes two night ago looking at the epistimology and history of the word Nerd.

    My two favorites:

    Oral tradition there holds that the word is derived from “knurd” (“drunk” spelled backwards), which was used to describe people who studied rather than partied.

    The word “nerd” first appeared as the name of an imaginary animal in Dr. Seuss’s book If I Ran the Zoo (1950), in which the narrator Gerald McGrew claims that he would collect “a Nerkle, a Nerd, and a Seersucker too” for his imaginary zoo.


    Nice post Jarkko.

  7. Thank you for drawing attention to Ibn al-Haytham as a polymath. What is most interesting about his work is that he insisted on systematically testing his hypotheses with experiments, earning himself a place in history as the first scientist. If your readers would like to know more about him, I recommend my new book, Ibn al-Haytham: First Scientist, the world’s first biography of the eleventh-century Muslim scholar known in the West as Alhazen or Alhacen.

  8. Thanks, again for your great comments!

    @Deron: I know what you mean. I have a full time job as well, but still spend a big part of my spare time thinking of all kinds of ideas to try – mostly online, just like you.

    I think the mindset might be something you are born with. And if you have it, there is no escaping it. :)

    @Everyone: Make sure to check out Deron’s CSS show case site, Nice Stylesheet. It’s really nice ;)

    @George: Thanks for sharing your list of interests! I find it insanely interesting to compare my lists with yours: most of the things you listed are something I wouldn’t have listed myself, but now that I’m looking at your list, they all seem really interesting :)

    From your list, psychology is something I’m into as well. Luckily my wife is studying psychology so she can always tell me the most interesting parts…

    @ses5909: Hehe, I know what you mean. Although I’ve been able to concentrate in just a few programming languages so far (Java, Ruby, C++, PHP, and ActionScript) I know the urge to try something new is there. Erlang sounds cool, and so does Python, and maybe also one of the old ones like Smalltalk. Or maybe a new letter, D for example… ;)

    But it looks good in your resume as you can list all those different programming languages you have learned so far, doesn’t it?

    @Kaisa: It’s great to hear that you have realised that it’s in fact possible to be a polymath! It has been a huge discovery to me as well – although finding out the best way to do it is still an ongoing process for me (and probably will be for the rest of my life – after all, isn’t that what life is, a long lesson in how we should live).

    What you say about not having to do everything at the same time is a terrific point! It’s something I often forget myself, and then I end up working myself to death. I guess it comes down to prioritisation: when you have many interesting things you want to do, you have to choose to work only on a subset of them at once.

    @Dora: That’s a great game! Maybe even something that kids should do at school in order to realise that they have the skills and talents for more than just one job. That there is no such thing as the one job that is the one and only best job for you.

    It’s interesting to look at your list, because although all the things you list in it are different, they still somehow fit well together. There is something similar to them – which I would guess is your personality and who you are.

    I guess what this means is that even a polymath isn’t equally interested in _everything_. Some things are more interesting than others, and looking at your list, I think that’s where our personality comes to play: your list has these useful things such as teaching and gardening. Deron says his interests evolve mostly around the Internet. A bit part of my interests are somehow related to business. And so on…

    @shane: “knurd?” That’s a great new piece of useless information that I can use to “entertain” my friends. Thanks for sharing :)

    I find serial entrepreneurship a fascinating idea. And probably the only idea that lets you fully explore a big part of your ideas and interests.

  9. The greatest thing is that you can be anything you want! Day after day after day I become more and more confident of this fact. Although sports and computers (programming) are on my top priority list right now, I feel that anything I’m interested in now (or something that will be in the future) could become my job if I really wanted to.

    Of course inside certain area of interest there are many layers where you can gain high level of knowledge (so does that make you a polymath then ?).

    Take for example web development, the current area which happens to be my job and hobby too. You could excel in interface design, application architecture, database design or various of different programming languages if you wanted to. And yes, I’m into all of those areas. Sports … I love triathlon so I could (and I am) train my strengths of any of those three sports (running/swimming/cycling).

    I have been playing with the idea of just taking any area (with even a little bit of interest) outside of those two and see how far I can get, maybe this could be a new year’s resolution ?? ;)

    Anyway, answering to the question, I see this a blessing because eventually you can mix and match things together (for example in web development). Although this keeps you quite busy, it is still very rewarding indeed.

  10. I’m insanely interested in a lot of things :) Not everything (thankfully!).

    #1: Yeah! To the point that I want to make my work of encouraging and coaching people to do so :)

    #2: Neh, too much of an entrepreneurial mindset to look for job openings these days. I still work in a job (a new one at the same company since this month actually), but this is probably the last one.

    #3: Only one?

    #4: Yep, and actually switched several times too. And just did it again :)

    #5: I try to stay clear of that site :) How about flushing my productivity down the drain…(loving it)

    #6: Haha, yep. Even to the point where I reorganized my own job to make it obsolete :)

    #7: Yeah, but that one I’m bringing under control. Focus is good! Maybe I can handle that much variety, but my readers might not.

    And #9: You can spend a rainy day with Discovery Channel on, while reading the latest edition of National Geographic and are energized at the end of the day.

    [opthalmologists do eye-surgery…we sell stuff for their laser-surgery equipment at the company I work for :)]

  11. By the way, in his book The Learning Revolution, Gordon Dryden expects people in the near future will have 5 different not workplaces, but professions through a lifetime…
    Are we front runners then?

  12. Hey Jarkko,

    First time commenting—so I wanted to congratulate you an an awesome and unique topic for a blog.

    I knew I fit your category of “insanely interested in everything” long before taking this test (though the test confirmed it, of course) so I’m very interested in reading what you have to say.

    My personal advice for people like us? Stay interested in it all—it will help you see connections and find solutions that specialists will never even dream of.

    With the gift of insane curiosity, however, often comes the trap of being scattered. Just because I’m interested in everything doesn’t mean I can’t focus on one thing of specific importance.

    Just my initial thoughts, I can’t wait to read more. Thanks for an interesting article, Jarkko.

    – Mason

  13. @shane: Good point. I’ve only had one (which I haven’t finished yet) though, but four or five different minors.

    @Timo: Thanks for the inspiration! I agree with you: one of the cool things about being insanely interesting in many different things is that once you have gathered enough information about your interestes you will be able to mix them together and create something new. Like Mason says, that will be a solution that a specialist would have never thought of.

    @Lodevijkvd: I have to be completely honest with you (hush, don’t tell anyone else…) I’m not interested in everything either. There are some things that I can’t seem to get myself to be interested in, no matter how hard I try. One is cars (I like driving, but tuning them or making a car into a hobby is something I can’t imagine doing), another is hi-fi systems (I have a friend who is totally into image quality, HDTV, and all these things, and hey, that’s great. But I personally only care about the quality of the content…). But that’s pretty much it – more often than not, when I come across something new, I am interested in it. :)

    Thanks for explaining the term “opthalmologist”. Now I know one more word in English. :)

    @Dora: Could be. That’s an interesting place to be, running at the front – a hard place, because we’ll be hitting all the obstacles so that others can pass later. But definitely an interesting place.

    @Mason: Great to hear that you enjoy the blog and like my topic! I’m really excited about it myself too. I’m just planning all the new content I’m about to add to the site… And I’m all hyped. :)

    I love your advice because it’s so true: the gift of curiosity can (at best) give us something that specialists don’t have: a much wider view to the world. Seth Godin calls it zooming. He says that in today’s business it’s important to be able to zoom out and see all the differnt opportunities for change.

    And yes, focus is still important. After all, if we never finish what we start (which is a common mistake for people like us), then being insanely interested in everything really is a curse rather than a blessing.

    Thanks for the great comments!

  14. There are three categories of people:
    – the ones that make things happen
    – the ones that watch things happen
    – and the ones that wonder what the hell is happening ;-)

  15. All of those points describe me perfectly! I´ve had so many different kinds of jobs . . . when I was about 15, I wrote a list of all the jobs I wanted to try and there were more than 30 on the list! I´ve done a large number of them in some shape or form, too and certainly don´t consider it a curse.

    On the other hand, my husband is a musician and has always been one. He can´t imagine jumping from one job to another and has very few interests apart from music. Which can be very confusing for me at times!

  16. wow!! what a relief to know that I’m not alone, thanks for the post, made me feel a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot better about myself, with all this hype about niching and focussing just on one thing in life, I was beginning to beat myself to a pulp…

    However, I will follow my God given instincts to be interested in everything!! Thanks a ton again!

  17. oh, I have had already two-three different kind of jobs so far. Postman, IT-support dude and Java/J2EE programmer. I think I will exceed that number pretty easily.

  18. Sorry it took me a while to reply to your comments. My family has been sick for the past week (a post on that topic coming up in an hour or so), and I haven’t been able to keep up with the online world as much as I would have liked to…

    Anyway… Thanks for your awesome comments, once again!

    @Dora: When reading your list of three kinds of people I can’t help but think that I’d like to be one who makes things happen, watches others make things happen, but also wonders what the hell is happening every now and then ;)

    @Genesis: Yeah, people are different. Some people find one thing they love and see no need for anything else. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    What does your husband think of your need to try out many different things when he himself wants to do just one?

    @Aju: Thanks so much for your comment! It feels great to know I could make you feel better about yourself. Just keep following your instincts and living the life that suits you best!

    @Linda: Thank you! I’m glad you found your way to my blog and are enjoying my writing.

    @Pepez: That’s a good start ;) Any idea on what could be the next thing to try?

  19. Most of those points do fit me, but I’ve never really thought about it that way. I’d imagine most people are curious by nature and stuff that we normally don’t do or don’t have the chance to do interests us. I remember the first time I stumbled on Wikipedia, which resulted in me doing the biggest web browsing spree I’ve ever done and I spent something like 7 hours straight just reading Wikipedia, hopping from article to article. I think I managed to cover all the relevant WW2 articles, medieval europe’s history and who knows what.

    Btw, you can always grab the latest National Geographic from my desk if you want, I order it, but usually bring it to work just to get some ideas :)

  20. That’s what I used to think as well. Until I talked with some people who didn’t think at all like that. I mean, of course everyone is curious to some intent. But some of us are even more curious than others.

    If you think about your job, it’s in a fact a job tailored for someone interested in many different things: when designing games, I’m sure a broad understanding on how the world works and runs around you is important to do the job right. It’s not just about knowing how mobile games work.

    Thanks for the offer! Today I actually ended up buying November’s edition (English version) because it had such an interesting article on memory (one of my favorite topics in science). But maybe some time when I remember, I’ll come and borrow yours :)

  21. Absolutely. Subscribing to my blog always counts ;)

    I was actually thinking of adding one more bullet to the list which would have been the number of different blogs on your news reader but decided against it because I like then number seven so much.

    One more thing to consider regarding RSS feeds of course is the topics they are covering. If all the feeds cover the same topic, maybe then you only get some interestedness points from your 100 feeds, but with each different topic you earn more points ;)

    Nice to have you with us! I hope you enjoy the ride and all the upcoming posts.

  22. Great post Jarkko! I am indeed insanely interested. . .it’s why I’m never doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I get side-tracked from every project by some interesting bit of info I found while talking to someone or Internet surfing.

    I too look at being laid-off as an opportunity. Even if you love your job, there’s usually another one you’d be interested in trying. I love learning a little bit about everything. It makes it more fun to meet new people and try new things. Life is more playful.

    Keep up the great work and help keep the world insanely interested in each other. :0)

  23. #1 You admire everyone who is following her dream


    #2 You find every new job opening exciting

    Only if they are related to one of the skills the I already feel competent in.

    #3 You always have a new project going on.

    Definitely. Started out with HTML on an old 486, moved on to Basic, then dropped that to pursue reading every bit of mythopoeic fantasy literature I could get my hands on, which then turned into an interest in literary criticism, which became a very strong interest in writing (2 novels done so far, and a third underway). Got back into web design, which led me to semantic HTML & CSS, which also led me to the principles of typography and design in general, and now blogging. Not to mention my interest in ancient and medieval philosophy, theology, Renaissance & Academic art.

    Sheesh. That looks like a lot, but it doesn’t cover nearly the scope of the interests I have had over the years.

    #4 You keep wondering if some other career choice would have been better for you after all

    Not too much. My eventual goal is to be able to make a living from my writing, but for the time being, I am quite happy in web design because it combines several of my interests into one profession.

    #5 You can spend hours surfing at Wikipedia

    Yes. Back before the internet, I read through my family’s entire encyclopedia set and a good portion of the dictionary.

    #6 You see being laid off as an opportunity rather than a disaster

    Having never experienced being laid off before, I don’t know. But when I quit my former job, I wasn’t too worried, because I realized that there are a lot of things out there that I can do if I really need to, and a fair number that I would actually enjoy.

    #7 You find it difficult to maintain a focus in blogging

    Just a wee bit. :-)

  24. Joshua! You definitely qualify for someone insanely interested in everything.

    From your comment I get the impression that you are able to concentrate in one thing at a time rather than pursue every interest at once.

    How do you do that?

  25. I’m not quite sure how I do it. It just comes naturally. In fact, my family’s biggest complaint about me is that when I am interested in something I’m doing, I become so focused on it that I am almost completely unaware of other people’s existence.

    Actually, now that I think about it, that’s one of the chief characteristics of flow. Maybe I’ve just unconsciously trained myself to enter into a state of flow more easily than most people? That would seem to explain my experience. I find that once I’ve experienced flow in one area, I tend to keep coming back to it until I no longer experience it, or I’ve found another area that is more rewarding in that respect.

    Hmmm. Sounds like this would be a good topic for a blog entry. :-)

  26. Hi!I thought i was a bit mad…i’m so interested in everything.I’m glad i’m not alone in that situation.I just can’t see a book on the shelves…i must read it!I’m interested in fiction and philosophical writing,i like psychology,sociology,law,accounting,economics,technology,marketing,business,journalism,etc.
    I’m still young and i want to do everything;from lawyer to businessman,etc,etc.
    I just can’t have only one job for a lifetime.It’s too boring.I would like to have some close friends on this site.I’m perhaps far away from all of you.I live in Mauritius…a small island lost in the Indian Ocean…i’m fluent in both French and English and i’m now looking for a job as a translator of websites.I like the excitement i get doing new things.So if i can help anyone here translating websites…let me know!It will be a pleasure!Bye friends….

  27. I have found this site….esp a time when i thought i was going nuts… I am a competent programmer,web designer,network professional,poet,manager of events and people to an extend. I want to be a lot more…. an enterpreneur…an english teacher…., a scientist..(almost all science fields…)….an artist…an extreme sports enthusiast….etc… my society does not encourage people who r not specialising…. they hate jack of all trades….i am 22yrs…but…just when i am finishing my grad(Engineering)..i think i would have done just as well..and more happy with a lot of other commerce…arts…etc.. initially i may find the subjects boring…but once i begin to appreciate their importance…i quickly become hooked…;(

    right now i am fighting a serious battle… a part of me wants to enter SAP ERP area the other wants to enter Networking(VOIP)…i am starting my ccvp preps soon… studing for gmat also…and ofcourse writing my new poem… about being interested in many things……my gf used to tell…its because i am not focused….but i am happy today to read this blog…

    But my heart tells me to live my life to the fullest… so i have decided to pursue my hearts desires within practical contraints imposed by society….


  28. Hi,

    Except for the 7th everything fits. Basically I am a bum. I have an degree in electrical engineering but did not study hard enough because all they taught me was electrical motors and generators( I don’t even know the e of electrical now). I want to study comparative literature, philosophy,anthropology and cognitive, social,sexual,ecological psychology,pornography, herpetology,pop music,modern music history, ethnology,hinduism,magic,astrology, buddhism,culture, computer science,mechanical design,chaos,self-organizing systems &robotics. I could not study any of these properly but have started with a few books in english literature.

    Yes I love to search for things in wikipedia because it helps me get started with things that I would want to search in the library.

    One of my biggest inspirations in life is Sherlock Holmes.

    Earlier I was confused about searching for what I want to do with my life. Now I don’t care about it anymore. Things will take time. I will never amount to anything.I don’t care about getting rich or famous.I’m not smart or intelligent…just an average guy wanting to know. I am not a hard worker.( I am not depressed ! this knowledge has come after lot of time spent with myself).It dosen’t really matter as long as I keep knowing…

  29. Finally. At long last. Someone out there gets it. I always define myself as someone who is interested in every in the most literal sense of the word. I love finding out something different in the world, seeing it in action and then envisioning myself doing it.

    I’d like to add one to that list “You have more links on your Firefox, I.E. or other browser then you know what to do with.”

    The number is so large I actually cannot count how man I have because I love to reference so much and I don’t want to lose it.

    Finally, problem is for me, I cannot decide on a path. I did for a while, I had it figured out then something else caught my eye/ear/heart. I feel like I have the attentions span of a gnat or something.

    What’s worse… I am deathly afraid of making the wrong choice, I don’t want to be stuck. I want to be everything. >.>

  30. @Ku: Awesome! I’m always glad to meet other people who sound just like me ;) That’s the beauty of running this blog.

    I hope through the articles and discussion here, I can help you a bit on your way to deciding (or deciding to not decide!) on your path.

    Good luck, and let’s keep talking!

  31. Yes! That is me! My father when I was kid and when I was to finish high school used to tell me to calm down and take things slowly and to do few things and be successful in them. He told me this when I told him that I wanted to do engineering, medicine, Economics and Political science in college. I wanted to do all because I love physics, Medicine will help me help people, economics will help me understand world economy and political science will teach me how to organize people. I am interesed in Sports, Physiscis, Music, Theater, all sciences and social sciences. As a kid and now I am a member of different organisation. In my college now I am participatting in 10 or 15 organisations and in all I find joy and pleasure.

    There is nothing greater than this. It is a blessing to be interested(to Love) everything. Life is short so I have to do my best before I go by!

  32. @Yilikla: Awesome, I love meeting people like you who are interested in and love everything!

    For the past weeks, ever since December, I have been putting most of my effort into my love for web design, and WordPress customization. I hope I get to complete my new product soon and get my love for blogging into action again and can provide more ideas to fuel your mind, soon :)

    Have a great weekend, and great to have you around!

  33. “Finally. At long last. Someone out there gets it. I always define myself as someone who is interested in every in the most literal sense of the word. I love finding out something different in the world, seeing it in action and then envisioning myself doing it.

    I’d like to add one to that list “You have more links on your Firefox, I.E. or other browser then you know what to do with.”

    The number is so large I actually cannot count how man I have because I love to reference so much and I don’t want to lose it.

    Finally, problem is for me, I cannot decide on a path. I did for a while, I had it figured out then something else caught my eye/ear/heart. I feel like I have the attentions span of a gnat or something.

    What’s worse… I am deathly afraid of making the wrong choice, I don’t want to be stuck. I want to be everything. >.>”

    I feel as though you have read my mind!! I’m in a situation at the moment where I have changed undergraduate degrees so many times, just because there’s always something else to catch my attention. Before finding this I blamed it on a lack of commitment or concentration, but you’ve really helped to put things into perspective. Thank you!

  34. Well, I like to play guitar,tennis (started last year), basketball, soccer, take photograpghs,build wesites edit videos for youtube to be discovered one day. I love marketing but I imagine how it would be to be and architech. I just want to learn it all…. I started playing chess recently (I’m 31) but I sometimes think of forgetting about all of others and only focus on 2 hobbies and a regular sport… But I’m also curious about the ones I haven’t learn…

  35. Wow, its taken me forever to find someone on the web that describes me. It is a blessing and a curse. I feel like I can never be happy with a single job, task, or interest, and I ALWAYS have ideas for new projects and things I should do, but I don’t let myself have the time I need to completely dive into something, leaving everything else behind for awhile. I’m interested in everything, and its fun, but it sucks too. Well, I’m glad I found this.


  36. Finnaly!!!
    People like me!

    For real…I already had a thought, that I’m the only one…:S

    Volleyball, socer, sking, cycling, runing, parcour…
    Guitar, piano, singing…
    Computer (php, html, ajax, flash, MySql, java)
    Painting, origami, sewing, knitting, carpentning, building machines…
    Repairing absolutely everything…luv it!
    Chess, sudoku…
    and I work as a accountance…:S:S:S

    The thing is, that…I can do everything, handle every situation, repair everything!
    I get so easily interested…
    Movies, tv shows, books, magazins, people from a street, internet…

    IT IS A CURSE!!!!

    With one hand i do smt, and other hand is crabing already a new thing to do.

    It drives me nuts…and I just cant help it…

  37. I work in IT, and in IT alone I enjoy windows systems administration, linux, web development, some programming, powershell and vbscripting, etc.. I’ve recently taken a huge interest in computer forensic investigation and cybercrime.

    Outside of IT, I love running, any kind of excercise, playing hockey..
    Philosophy, writing (i want to write a novel and I have a few ideas for some non-fiction as well)
    Entrepreneurism (I love creating ideas for businesses, and marketing, and sales, and branding, and designing logos, and just managing a small business in general)
    Learning anything on the discovery channel, the universe, psychology, history
    I want to learn electronics and robotics
    I wish I had time to paint, and to learn make music (guitar and piano)
    Oh yeah, I want to be a film maker also… I would love to have the time and know how to make even short films or music videos…..

    I dream big, and want to do everything!

    Sometimes it sucks and drives me crazy, but I wouldn’t change anything, because I experience a lot of cool things

  38. Crazy…like reading my own thoughts! :)
    Everything matches!

    I love and hate it at the same time.
    I want to be sucsesful…
    But at the same moment I want to make diferents in the world…I want to do things that matter!

    I want to do things I really enjoy.
    The most I enjoy…making smt. with my own hands!

    So i always pick things I have a need to do 1st, than things I shuld do.

    I’m doing good…
    But i know I can always do alot better…
    And those ideas…i have so many of them!
    And they just keep poping into my head!

    I dream big…I believe there is nothing in the world that I wouldn’t be abel to manage, do, learn!

    You will love it…found it lately!

    Felt like…crabing a camera and run to a forest already tonight? :):)

  39. Amazing! Reading these past comments, and returning to this post after a long, long time, I realize I had the right theme for the blog a long time ago. There are more people insanely interested in everything out there than we believe, and we need to come together and figure out how to make the most out of this trait, to enjoy life, but also to make a difference!

    Thanks for commenting, and look out for some new posts about being insanely interested in the next weeks!

  40. Everything except #2, spot on. I’m terrified of applying for a job. Still a student though, so I’m safe for a bit longer. Thanks for writing this post!

    1. You’re welcome, and thanks for leaving the comment!

      It’s great to see that these posts about being insanely interested in everything still ring true to so many people!

  41. You hit this nail on the head in every aspect. I am very misunderstood because of it. It is only a curse in the way others consider me. It is an ultimate blessing when left to my own. However, I think the curse for a polymath is the Internet. I, too, have intended to blog and would like to try making a living at it. To the point of attempting BloggerConsole. I want everyone to blog! One of those big ideas. My dad thinks I need to focus!? I say “duh!”, do they have a pill for that?

  42. I had always considered it to be an inconvenience with finding a career path when I was younger. We would have career aptitude tests, and, while my friends and peers got definite percentages for certain fields, mine were almost always equally divided. I found it so hard to pinpoint any kind of career goal, because EVERYTHING struck my interest!!!

    I’m talking, from the time I was 6, I wanted to be a tornado-chaser (still want to just for fun), an actual Meteorologist, then an Astronaut, a Vet, a Political Science Major, an Art Historian, a Novelist, a Cellist, a Biologist, a Nurse (which I’m currently in College to become), and even working for the Reform of the Education System. PHEW. Felt good to get that out, lol.

    I have come to really admire Leonardo da Vinci because of my likeness to him in that he didn’t have just one, solitary interest. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to view it as an advantage over others, to have the amount of creativity and love of learning like I do, and go beyond the 9-5 drone march. After Nursing, who knows what I’ll do, but it will be something else I love :)

  43. Okay, as I see I’m late here….but ya, totally me. How ridiculous is it to go back to school for your Ph.D. in electrical engineering, do a year, go back to work for 5 years, then start another Master’s, but in psychology, decide that’s not right, and go back to engineering hoping you’ll find “it?” I’ve been bored most of my career, and wasn’t interested enough in one aspect enough to get a Ph.D. focused in it. But everything I hear about I think ‘I want to learn more!!!’ Yet, there are so many of those, I’m kind of paralyzed. Ugh…frustrating, but when focused at least for a little while, it makes the world a much more interesting place. Thanks!

  44. Yeah, I am definitely a jill-of-all-trades type of lady. I have so many interests and passions. To keep myself from feeling frustrated, I focus on what I am doing in the moment and keep a goals list. Glad to know I am not the only one like this.

  45. I agree with most everything here. I can open up a book about photography and have a mental argument with myself about whether I’m going to focus on the physics of the camera or the philosophy of composition. Computer programming is an interest. Math as well. Geology. Art. Writing. Automechanics. Engineering. Woodwork. Astronomy. Business. I think I’ll subscribe to this blog!

  46. I have a common sense with all of you. I love to know about everything. I study “Industrial Engineering” at school, but at home I put time to know about Economics, Psychology, Medicine, Sociology, Sports, Computer Science, History, Architecture, Art, Green Environment, Philosophy. I am still not sure if I have to study for money or my my own sake which is not money.

  47. wow i am very very much like you. it’s amazing there are people like me. but i often wonder how can i focus my energy on one thing at a time.

  48. i scored 5 i am programmer too :P
    i think i get excited for almost any f’in things
    i usually explorer the web and wonder how many things are out there.
    i wonder about religions,gods,universe,countries and many many science things all the time. i also wonder about country my country india. in here there are too many things that can be easily changed with a proper government but i still think how hard it would be to change people coz they are too superstitious,dumb and just impossible than i think of being selfish and earning lods of to survive in this hell
    i find it hard too be focused these things irritates me too much ..
    i am doing some experiment on myself and trying too not think about these things but i just can’t help myself

  49. It’s definitely a curse for me! I’ve never been able to choose one career. I’m almost 30 and still an admin, as I keep taking entry level jobs in vastly different organizations in the hope that I will stick to one and work my way up the ladder. In reality, I just learn everything about the job, get bored and start looking elsewhere.

    I quit a business degree after 18 months, trained as a life guard, went to work in a school, then switched to insurance, then took a degree in humanities (which I actually finished), taught myself excel and accounts and got a job doing the payroll for a photography company in the hope of learning the ropes, then decided to teach myself classical art (made a bit of money from paintings), wrote a novel (haven’t got around to spamming agents/publishers yet), then ended up back in insurance as an admin. I can’t stand insurance and have no hope of moving up, but have no idea what I want to specialize in. Everyone I know who earns a decent wage is a specialist in something though.

    I just can’t stick to anything longer than a year or so. If I’m not constantly progressing then I get bored and go nuts trying to entertain my brain during the day! I’d love to run my own company so I could get involved in all the departments in some way, but I’ve never managed to earn enough money to set up any of my ideas.


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