Insanely Interesting Links: Everything

Yet another week has passed and it’s time to look at what has happened. On Monday I’ll share with you a summary of what happened here at Jarkko Laine dot com during the insanely interesting month of September, so today we’re going with links.

No specific theme. Just interesting thoughts and ideas that I have come across during the week.

Enjoy, and share yours!

  1. Dream big – maybe you too can fly! Shirley made her dream come true and flew. And she has posted a video of it. Go check it out for some serious inspiration.
  2. Twenty-five Things to Do With Old Jeans: At Wise Bread, Myscha Theriault has posted a clever and ecological list of 25 alternatives for just throwing your old jeans in trash. She seems to have a series going on here. Check out also Potato Ideas that Pop and Ten Things to Do With Sale – Priced Ham.
  3. Splitting Hydrogen and Oxygen with Sunlight: Interesting news from the hydrogen fuel front. If this works, the future will again look a bit brighter. What do you think?
  4. How to Take a Compliment: Taking a compliment is something most Finns at least have trouble with. It’s nice to hear that we’re not the only ones with the problem. Dustin Wax from tells us how it should be done properly.
  5. There Are Alternatives To Homework: Be A Good Dad has an interesting take on homework, and some new ideas for school work in general. It’s interesting how the same problems that we have in the corporate world actually are present also at school: You bring work home, and have to be as efficient as possible in learning hard values needed for making money.
  6. How To Wake Up Early: This is not a blog post but a full blog dedicated to waking up early. Being an early riser myself I find this blog exciting and recommend everyone to check it out.

Have a relaxing weekend!

4 thoughts on “Insanely Interesting Links: Everything”

  1. It’s not that waking up early is difficult, but getting to bed early is, at least for me :) That’s why I’m pretty tired during the week, but things get bit better on the weekends.

    I have been a early riser almost a year now and I wouldn’t change this habit back to my late rising habit I had earlier. Although I give myself a priviledge to sleep bit more later during the weekends, being a early riser has definately been a good thing for me.

  2. Bob: Thanks, you too!

    Timo: That’s true. I think getting bed early would come as a side product from waking up early if our culture wasn’t so evening based.

    If you’re into watching TV, all the interesting series etc. start earliest at 9 PM, some even later. Movies last often until midnight. (I haven’t been watching TV that much lately and it has definitely helped me in getting to bed earlier)

    And if your wife / girlfriend / friends in general like to stay up late, it’s hard to go to bed early too… So, it easily happens that you wake up early and in the evening although you’re tired you still stay up at least an hour longer than you should…

    But I believe that slowly we can convince more and more of the people around us into getting to bed early, and waking up early. And then it’ll get easier ;)

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