Insanely Interesting Links: Love Your Notebook

Once again this has been an exciting week for me. My post on always carrying a notebook with you got posted to StumbleUpon and brought a huge crowd of new visitors to my blog (at least on my scale) as well as many new RSS subscribers. Thanks and welcome for all the new readers!

In the blogging world every week is full of interesting posts and topics. This one was no exception, so here are my picks for this week:

  1. Falling for Notebooks: Craigh Childs from has noticed that there is an addiction towards notebooks spreading all over the world. More and more people are falling in love with their notebooks and starting to learn to use pen and paper once again.
  2. Moleskine is the classic notebook and the one that seems to create the most buzz among creative people. Moleskinerie is a fan blog for the notebook and it’s bringing me closer of buying one of these notebooks every day. Some highlights from their latest posts: Moleskine Morph, GoogleMole?, DIY Portable Art Kit.
  3. Build a Facebook Profile You Can Be Proud Of: It’s fun to see how the themes on different people’s blogs compliment each other. If you start by reading my question, “Can you become a people person?” and decide to get on Facebook, Neil Patel from Quick Sprout can share some tips that will help you make the most out of Facebook.
  4. Seven LEGAL ways to steal…and they’re good for you: “It’s good to steal.” What more can I say? Jay White from Dumb Little Man shows us that there are some things that are meant to be stolen: stealing them not only feels good but is also legal.
  5. Improve Your Blog By Reading a Magazine – An Exercise for Bloggers: I don’t usually post about blogging, but this post from ProBlogger was so close to something I wrote in August that I just had to share it.

Some highlights from next week include a guest post from Ravi Vora, a blogger with powerful inspirational posts and a great attitude, and a chat with Joona Nuutinen about a clever marketing campaign he and his friends have been doing to market their new online magazine,

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned to see how the story will continue next week.

4 thoughts on “Insanely Interesting Links: Love Your Notebook”

  1. After reading your post last week I too bought a small notebook to carry around with me.

    After a single half-hour bus journey there are already 3 notes/ideas in there that otherwise would most probably have been fogotten.


  2. That’s great, Jon! The fun thing about ideas is that when you start writing them down, it’s as if you start getting more and more of them all the time.

    Have fun with your notebook! :)

  3. I carry a notebook with me. It’s irreplaceable. No electronic device has yet come close to the expressive freedom of a notebook and a pen. It’s the instant messenger for inner communication. I take notes and later transform the best ideas to either action or text.

    A notebook is also a very good aid in keeping the thought process active and documented. My thoughts are more intense when I’ve documented them somehow (and thus maintain the intensity of thoughts). There are other ways to do this, but for now, a notebook will do.

  4. Yeah, it’s funny how writing your thoughts down somehow makes them better. I guess it’s because when you write things down you need to get them to a more concrete level instead of the abstract.

    And when you have got some ideas written down they fuel your thoughts even more to come up with more great ideas.

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