Insanely Interesting September


What inspires me the most is when I see people approach the world with an open mind:

Creative people.

Curious people.

Inspired people.

People experimenting with new things.


This month at Jarkko Laine dot com is dedicated to these people: the insanely interested. It’s time for Insanely Interesting September!

Insanely Interesting September is a team writing effort in which insanely interested people from all around the world team up to tell about the interesting things they do or see during September. Anyone can participate, so if you are madly interested in something, it’s time to share it with the rest of the world:

Growing chili, making games, artisan bread, shooting pictures from high above the ground, making your own cheese, being an entrepreneur, art and animationAnything. If you’re insanely interested in something, I want to hear from you!

Here are the rules:

  1. Write a post in your blog. Explain why you are insanely interested in whatever you are insanely interested in. Tell us about a specific aspect of that thing, or go for a broader approach. Try to convince the rest of us to see why it is the greatest thing on earth.
  2. Link to this post. In your post, link to this post so that people reading it will know that it’s part of the Insanely Interesting September writing project
  3. E-mail me. I am following incoming links to see if someone has linked to me, but to make sure I don’t miss your post, you can send me an e-mail with a link to your post.

Once a week I will write an Insanely Interesting September summary post in which I share a list of all the posts written during the week with short comments or descriptions. And whenever a post really inspires me, I’ll write a full post about it.

If you are not a blogger, you can still participate by commenting this post or any of the weekly summary posts. I will then pick some of the most interesting comments and feature them in the weekly Insanely Interesting September posts as well!

It’s time to get started: Insanely interested people, get your pens sharpened and start writing! Have an interesting September!

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6 thoughts on “Insanely Interesting September”

  1. What a fabulous article! Though right now I can’t say I feel like my life is “Insanely Interesting,” I’d sure like it to be. I believe being curious, finding inspiration and learning new things can keep us all from “growing old.” Thanks for the great idea, and I’ll be checking back to see what kind of responses you get. :0)

  2. I’m sure you’re getting there! At least your blog is already full of interesting thoughts and inspiring ideas.

    Thanks for starting the writing project – I’ll make sure to link you up in my summary post on Saturday. :)

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