Speed links: Finding your dream job

I haven’t done any speed linking before, but when I stumbled across these great articles that fit perfectly in my theme I just had to go for it for the first time

So here you go: Three great articles about finding your dream job and finding happiness.

  1. Is Your Dream Just a Metaphor for Your Ideal Work?
    In his post, Tony D. Clark from Success from the nest points out that while the dreams we have can offer clues into what our ideal work may be we are often so focused on the dream itself that we lose sight of what we’re really after.
  2. What is your dream job?
    Lynn Tryong from Wise Bread asks us to share inspiring stories of finding our dream jobs, or even figuring out what it is we want to do and actually taking steps to getting it. As a bonus, an Amazon gift certificate worth $25 is given to a random commenter.
  3. Focusing on four simple questions can be the key to fulfilment
    In this post from Lifehack.org, Slow Leadership blogger Adrian Savage presents a list of simple but effective questions and answers to think about when trying to find happiness at work.

Is there more? Maybe you have seen (or written) an article on the same topic? If so, write a comment and let me know about it – I’ll check it out and add it to this post.

And one last bonus link from the Chief Happiness Officer:

  1. Top 10 reasons why constant complaining is so toxic in the workplace
    Maybe you are actually already working at your dream job, but you don’t realize it because of all the complaining that is in the air.